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Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty


Does rhinoplasty change perceptions of attractiveness, success, health?

Participants in a web-based survey who viewed pictures of patients before and after rhinoplasty rated patients after surgery as more attractive, successful and overall healthier, research shows....

New findings explain how UV rays trigger skin cancer

Melanoma, a cancer of skin pigment cells called melanocytes, will strike an estimated 87,110 people in the US in 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A fraction of those melanomas come from pre-existing moles, but the majority of them come from sources unknown -- until now....

Timing of melanoma diagnosis, treatment critical to survival

A new study underscores the importance of early detection and treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The research indicates that the sooner patients were treated, the better their survival, particularly for stage I melanoma....

Red cosmetic powder used in Hindu ceremonies contains unsafe lead levels

Sindoor -- a cosmetic powder sold in the United States and used during Hindu religious and cultural ceremonies -- has unsafe levels of lead, according to a study. Researchers say at a minimum there is a need to monitor sindoor lead levels and make the public aware of the potential hazards....

Barbers, hair salons market cosmetic surgery on Instagram

The majority of providers advertising aesthetic surgery services on Instagram are not board certified-plastic surgeons, so patients who respond to the ads are putting themselves at risk, suggests new research. Social media has become the leading destination for consumers -- especially young people -- seeking information about plastic surgery. The ads particularly affect young people, who increasingly want to improve their appearance for social media channels, but often do not understand who is q...

Cosmetic surgery may help patients quit smoking

If youre a smoker considering cosmetic surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely require you to stop smoking for at least two weeks before your procedure. A long-term follow-up study finds that many patients receiving these instructions will quit smoking, or at least smoke less, in the years after cosmetic surgery....

Search results for "Store Luxury Perfume"

  • Duende Perfume

    Duende Perfume
    An intriguing and lovely fragrance that is sure to inspire with its beautiful and refreshing aromas that will last all day long. Duende Perfume by Jesus Del Poz...(more)

    $72.50 More Details
  • Scuderia Ferrari Black Cologne

    Scuderia Ferrari Black Cologne
    Ferrari Black is a woody, moss fragrance for men launched in 1999 by the design house of Ferrari. It has a beautiful fusion of crisp woods blended with mossy no...(more)

    $77.50 More Details
  • Fujiyama Perfume

    Fujiyama Perfume
    Created in the year 1995, Fujiyama was created for women, and it is a refreshing, fruity fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a citruses alongsid...(more)

    $21.50 More Details
  • Carven Vetiver Shower Gel

    Carven Vetiver Shower Gel
    Vetiver by Carven is a Woody Chypre shower gel for men launched in 1957. It was perfectly created by the famous, Edouard Hache. It opens with a harmonious blend...(more)

    $25.50 More Details
  • Addiction Perfume

    Addiction Perfume
    Addiction Perfume is a floral fruity fragrance for women by Johan B. The fragrance is a mesmerizing blend for women that reflects the designer's obsession for o...(more)

    $57.50 More Details
  • Sunny Pomegranate Scented Candle

    Sunny Pomegranate Scented Candle
    The maker of these candles has developed a soy blend wax that has a creamy look with an excellent warm fragrance throw. These candles only use top of the line s...(more)

    $16.50 More Details
  • Loverdose Perfume

    Loverdose Perfume
    A suggestive attractive feminine scent that is formulated with molecules that stimulate the part of the brain responsible for attraction and lust. Loverdose Per...(more)

    $82.50 More Details
  • Only The Brave Wild Cologne

    Only The Brave Wild Cologne
    Only The Brave wild cologne by Diesel is the third member of the OTB collection after Only The Brave from 2009 and Only The Brave Tattoo from 2012. This new fra...(more)

    $69.50 More Details
  • BCBG Max Azria Bon Genre Perfume

    BCBG Max Azria Bon Genre Perfume
    An intriguing, mysterious yet seductive fragrance for women inspired by the effortlessly cool sensibility of the urban rocker. BCBG Max Azria Bon Genre is an or...(more)

    $62.50 More Details
  • Clean Sweet Layer Perfume

    Clean Sweet Layer Perfume
    A suppressed citrus-floral fragrance that will keep you fresh all day long without attracting much attention. Clean Sweet Layer Perfume by Dlish just like the n...(more)

    $87.50 More Details
  • Red Style In Play Tester

    Red Style In Play Tester
    Style in Play cologne is a fun and flirty, woody-floral fragrance for men by Lacoste. The scent is an enticing blend of brilliant aromas creating a playful, fri...(more)

    $72.00 More Details
  • FCUK Pop Love Perfume

    FCUK Pop Love Perfume
    A delicious, vibrant and sparkling fragrance for women that will lighten up your day with its exceptional sweetness which has had it classified as one of the sw...(more)

    $55.50 More Details
  • Gieffeffe Perfume

    Gieffeffe Perfume
    An intriguing unforgettable and classic scent that you will never go wrong with either headed to work or hanging out with friends as its earthy and refreshing a...(more)

    $48.50 More Details
  • Phantom of the Opera Perfume

    Phantom of the Opera Perfume
    Be fresh all day long with Phantom Of The Opera Perfume by Ameriscent. It is a flowery scent that has a blend of Citrus, Fruity and floral notes that will sure...(more)

    $35.50 More Details
  • Roma Cologne

    Roma Cologne
    An accolade fragrance for the virile, seductive gentlemen of the city of Rome, Roma per Uomo was released in 1995. It epitomizes the essence of the attractive q...(more)

    $72.50 More Details
  • Darling Perfume

    Darling Perfume
    A charming chypre floral fragrance with a subtle scent that suits the modern woman who wants a scent that fits both casual and formal occasions. Darling Perfume...(more)

    $62.50 More Details
  • Reaction TShirt Cologne

    Reaction TShirt Cologne
    Reaction Cologne T-Shirt is a fragrance for men by Kenneth Cole. The scent is sharp, refined, and masculine, while retaining a fun, spontaneous youthful side. N...(more)

    $65.50 More Details
  • Royall Mandarin Cologne

    Royall Mandarin Cologne
    Royal Mandarin cologne is a citrus-aromatic fragrance for men by Royall Fragrances. The 'recipe' for this timeless zesty classic is a secret blend of spices fro...(more)

    $67.50 More Details
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