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Croda expands French site

The ingredients supplier has announced that it is expanding its capabilities in France for its Crodarom subsidiary, which produces botanicals extracts....

New Mane partnership to boost fragrance player’s presence in Switzerland

Fragrance supplier Mane has announced a new agreement with Brenntag for the distribution of its fragrances in Germany and Switzerland....

MMXV Infinitude: a luxury indie beauty brand built on ingenuity and industry relationships

After over a decade formulating for legacy beauty brands, biochemist Mirela Mitan when back to university to study luxury marketing. In 2014 she earned an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business; and in 2015 launched the luxury, indie skin care brand MMXV Infinitude. At this monthâs in-cosmetics Global event in Paris, Cosmetics Design spoke with Mitan about her work....

Can new tech from Cutitronics give skin care consumers clinical-quality results at home?

The beauty tech company promises to help consumers realize skin care product benefits, as demonstrated in clinical testing, in real life. Cutitronics devices are not yet on the market, but the company was at in-cosmetics Global this month talking with ingredient makers and brands about the opportunity to customize this tech tool to the unique parameters of their products....

Symrise launches probiotics-based ingredient

Symrise has launched a probiotics-based ingredient expressly with the aim of providing additional protection to sensitive skin....

Clariant launches sugar-based neutraliser

Clariant has introduced what it claims is a ground-breaking step for eco-friendly products in the form of a sugar-based label-free alkaline neutraliser....

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  • mybody Clean Routine

    mybody Clean Routine
    Start your skin care routine off with mybody Clean Routine. This product is an anti-aging cleanser that helps to remove makeup, dirt and other debris from your ...(more)

    $32.00 More Details
  • mybody Take Control

    mybody Take Control
    mybody Take Control is a concentrated gel cleanser with 2% salicylic acid that purifies and combats acne, while helping to prevent future breakouts.ADDRESSES: A...(more)

    $30.00 More Details
  • mybody A-Team

    mybody A-Team
    Regenerate your cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore your skin's tightening properties with mybody A-Team. This product also help...(more)

    $105.00 More Details
  • mybody Brightamin-C

    mybody Brightamin-C
    Give your skin the radiant glow you desire with mybody Brightamin-C. This serum gives your complexion a radiant, soft glow while providing it with the utmost pr...(more)

    $120.00 More Details
  • mybody myHero Multivitamin Youth Serum

    mybody myHero Multivitamin Youth Serum
    Your new go-to product. The groundbreaking all-in-one mybody myHero Multivitamin Youth Serum offers almost immediate firming and tightening results. It firms, t...(more)

    $225.00 More Details
  • mybody Youthifeye

    mybody Youthifeye
    If you suffer from dark circles and excessive puffiness in the eye area, you will benefit from the use of mybody Youthifeye. As part of your daily skin routine,...(more)

    $95.00 More Details
  • mybody Let Me Clarify

    mybody Let Me Clarify
    Get the best of both worlds with mybody Let Me Clarify, a gel that is ideal for skin with acne. This gel retexturizes and refines pores and is as powerful as it...(more)

    $65.00 More Details
  • mybody Neck-Cessity

    mybody Neck-Cessity
    Stop aging now with the advanced revitalizing formula of mybody Neck-Cessity. The skin on your neck can experience unsightly dark spots, rough patches and wrink...(more)

    $125.00 More Details
  • mybody Future Is Bright

    mybody Future Is Bright
    Restore your skin's moisture with the anti-aging hydrator, mybody Future Is Bright. This lotion provides a level of comfort and protection for dry, aging skin t...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
  • mybody Clean + Bright

    mybody Clean + Bright
    Begin each day with mybody Clean + Bright. This combination of cleanser and hydrator deeply purifies and revitalizes dull, dry skin while recapturing its natura...(more)

    $99.00 More Details
  • mybody Always Calm

    mybody Always Calm
    Pamper yourself with mybody Always Calm. This product treats and hydrates skin that has been compromised by the environment. It helps fade dark circles and crow...(more)

    $150.00 More Details
  • mybody Break Free

    mybody Break Free
    Acne-prone skin can be difficult to combat. mybody Break Free can help you keep your acne-prone skin hydrated and healthy through consistent use. This product i...(more)

    $60.00 More Details
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