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Nabila Chemillier, LíODAŌT»S

In her Indie Beauty Profile, Nabila Chemillier, CEO of L‚ODA√T√S, describes how she and her sisters have built a plant-based brand with all the practicality and luxury of French skin care to share their families beauty regime with today‚s discerning natural beauty consumers....

BASF opens new personal care lab in Nigeria: spotlight on the market

The ingredients company, major supplier to the global beauty and personal care industry, has opened a new Application Technology Laboratory in Nigeria....

Paptic: not paper, not plastic, but a biodegradable alternative?

Packaging players are under increasing scrutiny from consumers, regulators and manufacturing customers alike to offer increasingly sustainable plastic packaging solutions: Paptic is one innovation offering a solution in this space....

How the CBD trend is unfolding in Europe

Cannabidiol (CBD) skin care has already taken the US market by storm, and it is starting to make a splash in European markets too, underlined by a recent spike in new product launches containing the ingredient....

Colgate announces next CEO

This week, the global consumer brands company (which owns Tom‚s of Maine, Irish Spring, Lady Speed Stick, and other personal care brands) announced that Noel Wallace, currently COO at Colgate-Palmolive, will become CEO in April....

ĎGroundbreakingí new soap: ultra-mild, 100% soap free, pH 5.5 base noodle

UK-based global speciality ingredients manufacturer Stephenson has launched what it calls a ‚groundbreaking new soap noodle‚, Syndopal, which is ultra mild and taps into trends around balanced pH and soap-free formulation....

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  • ARCONA Cranberry Toner

    ARCONA Cranberry Toner
    ARCONA Cranberry Toner is a three-in-one cranberry milk toner that uses the nourishing properties of antioxidant-rich botanicals and rice milk to clean, tone, h...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • Arcona Eye Dew Plus

    Arcona Eye Dew Plus
    Ultra corrective anti-aging formula offers intensified concentrations of cutting-edge actives Dermaxyl® and Cavamax®, to reverse visible signs of aging....(more)

    $95.00 More Details
  • ARCONA Toner Tea Bar

    ARCONA Toner Tea Bar
    ARCONA Toner Tea Bar uses completely natural ingredients rich in antioxidants to heal, strengthen and tone your complexion. Powerful active ingredients like alo...(more)

    $42.00 More Details
  • ARCONA Magic White Ice

    ARCONA Magic White Ice
    ARCONA Magic White Ice is a hydrating gel that seeps deep into your skin to give you a drink of moisture without clogging pores. Pure botanical extracts packed ...(more)

    $42.00 More Details
  • ARCONA Peptide Hydrating Complex

    ARCONA Peptide Hydrating Complex
    ARCONA Peptide Hydrating Complex gives a natural lift with a burst of moisture. Using all-natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals or preservatives, this fi...(more)

    $75.00 More Details
  • ARCONA Magic Green Ice

    ARCONA Magic Green Ice
    ARCONA Magic Green Ice is a regenerating complex using the finest botanical ingredients to increase collagen production with pentapeptides and protect your skin...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
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