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Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty

Fragrance News:

First cosmetic ingredients supplier to fulfil Nagoya Protocol on sustainability

Provital Group, a cosmetics ingredients player, has become the ‚first in the industry‚ to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Nagoya Protocol for a specific R&D project....

New knowledge-sharing platform for human cosmetics testing

The application of rigorous animal testing alternatives remains a focus at formulation level in the beauty industry, and a new platform has been launched that gathers data on testing methods and offers an index of testing laboratories....

Amazon consumable report Q3: prestige products still fastest growers

A new report on consumables retail via Amazon suggests high-end beauty brands are now turning to e-retail marketplaces to sell their prestige or premium products....

Mintel reveals crucial consumer trends for Europe: Teenaiders

Market research provider Mintel has released its latest consumer trend predictions for Europe: we got an exclusive beauty-specific insight from the firm on the forecast trends for the region....

Airless systems packaging spotlight: preserving natural formulations

In a move that acknowledges the rising demand for packaging that helps conserve formulas with airless dispensing systems, Lumson, in collaboration with Tata Harper, has been awarded the Prix Formes de Luxe...

Survey finds rather than looking young, Ďskin care consumers want to feel healthyí

A new study suggests consumers believe diet is the most important factor in healthy skin, according to the company behind the research....

Search results for "Fragrance - Yves Saint Laurent"

  • Kouros Cologne

    Kouros Cologne
    Kouros Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent is a luxurious, spicy fragrance for men. It has a unique and powerful depth, that is complicated and animalistic. It is an ...(more)

    $29.40 More Details
  • Baby Doll Perfume

    Baby Doll Perfume
    Baby Doll Perfume is a versatile and elegant fragrance for women by Yves Saint Laurent. This fragrance created by Ralf Shweiger and Cecile Matton is a charming ...(more)

    $29.82 More Details
  • Belle dOpium Perfume

    Belle dOpium Perfume
    If you like the glamour and elegance of Opium, then you will definitely love Belle d' Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. It has a lighter yet a more intense spellbind...(more)

    $31.59 More Details
  • Parisienne Miniature Perfume

    Parisienne Miniature Perfume
    Yves Saint Laurent adores Paris so much that she had perfumers Sophia Grojsman and Sophie Labbe create a scent that will echo Paris essences in a bottle. Hence,...(more)

    $33.54 More Details
  • Opium Miniature Perfume

    Opium Miniature Perfume
    Launched in 1977, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is a feminine fragrance crafted by Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Jean Amic. It is named as such because of its addicting ...(more)

    $34.47 More Details
  • Paris Miniature Perfume

    Paris Miniature Perfume
    In 1983, Sophia Grojsman wanted to evoke the magnificent beauty of of Paris, capture the city lights and pay accolade to the charismatic elegance of Parisiennes...(more)

    $34.47 More Details
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