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Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty

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Yves Rocher Perfumed Shower Gel - 42321 - Bath and Body sku

Yves Rocher Perfumed Shower Gel - 42321 by Yves Rocher

Item description: This Bath and Body Perfumed Body Wash product is by Yves Rocher - Rediscover under the shower, all the fresh woody notes of your Comme Une Evidence for Men Eau de Toilette. This scented shower gel gently cleanses your skin, imbuing it with a pleasant fragrance. The Plus: Botanical washing base that respects your skin. 6.7 fl.oz. Tube / 200 ml... Learn More

Manufacturer: Yves Rocher

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Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty

Store: Harvesting, manufacturing and retailing since 1959, Yves Rocher was born of the vision of a man who believed in cosmetics based on plants and in the democratization of beauty. Yves Rocher offers an impressive selection of botanical beauty products: skin care, body care, makeup, fragrances, bath and shower products and more.

Category: Perfumed Body Wash


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