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Surgeons successfully perform full face transplant

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What to know about hyperpigmentation

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SKU-WDX0100318-000-00 Weleda Almond Creamy Body Wash (Sensitive Skin) 200ml from Cosme  sku

Weleda Almond Creamy Body Wash (Sensitive Skin) 200ml - WDX0100318-000-00 by Weleda

Item description: This Bath and Body Bath & Shower product is by Weleda - Weleda Almond Creamy Body Wash (Sensitive Skin) has the following features:This soap-free, pH-skin balanced shower cream has been developed especially for skin that irritates easily. Mild, plant-based surfactants gently cleanse the skin while organic almond oil and shea butter have a moisturizing effect and help in regulating the natural moisture balance, for silky soft skin. Free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants, and raw materials derived from mineral oils.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Weleda

Category: Bath & Shower


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