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Dermatology scale validates quality of life

Can having a skin condition impact the quality of your life Absolutely, claim researchers who have set out to find the best tool to measure the impact on patients....

More than just a cosmetic procedure -- 'tummy tuck' reduces back pain and incontinence

In addition to restoring the pre-pregnancy shape of the abdomen, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery with muscle repair can improve back pain and urinary incontinence after childbearing, reports a new study....

'Botox' improves appearance of facial scars in reconstructive surgery

In patients undergoing reconstructive surgery of the face, treatment with botulinum toxin A (BTX-A, or Botox) can improve the final appearance of surgical scars....

Going skin deep to explore what causes wrinkles

The prospects – and consequences – of ageing are of concern to us all, especially when considering the likelihood of developing wrinkles. They are not only a hallmark of ageing but also play a fundamental role in how we physically interact with many products and devices, from moisturiser cream and make up to razor and the fabrics of our clothes....

Short-course radiation treatment is safe and effective for skin cancer

A recent physicians study review suggests that shorter courses of radiation are preferable to longer ones for older patients receiving treatment for slow-growing skin cancers....

New source of world’s deadliest toxin discovered

Researchers have identified genes encoding a previously undiscovered version of the botulinum neurotoxin in bacteria from a cow’s gut....

Umeya Cha Plum 12pcs - UMA0100001-000-00 - Personal Care sku

Umeya Cha Plum 12pcs - UMA0100001-000-00 by Umeya

Item description: This Personal Care Slimming & Firming product is by Umeya - Japanese were recognized as a nation of longevity, with low cancer rates and healthy skin. This is partly the result of their habit of eating plums in their daily diet. Japanese people believe that Plum is an essential part of their diet, where it is good for digestion and nutrients absorption after meals. In addition, plums can also enhance our energy and health.Umeya Cha Plum is easing to process of egestion:Stimulating the absorption and excretion process of intestines, reducing smelly breath and swollen belly.The herbs and active lactobacillus element can increase the amount of good bacteria in the intestine, keeping it healthy, and also helps water draining and slimming.Deeply purify the pH level in blood and maintain a slightly alkaline environment.An active oxidant itself, prevent the intestines from aging.Characteristics of Cha Plum:Uncontaminated plums chosen from high mountain areas, harvest only once a year and safe for consumption.The high fiber content can stimulate the activities in intestines. Plums are dried under low temperatures, helps preserving the most valuable nutrients.Brewed in Puer Tea for 30 days, producing a greater amount of good bacteria, generating Mumefural, which increases the rate of metabolism.Tasteful plums that can ease the egestion of golden feces.Effective after 6 hours from the first consumption.Main Ingredients of Cha Plum:Dried Plums:High fiber content to stimulate the metabolism rate of intestines, eases egestion and purify blood pH, preventing the intestines from aging.Puer Tea:Helps digestion and eases egestion by facilitating the process of fat break down by enzymes.Active Lactobacillus:Increase the amount of good bacteria; aid the movement of intestines, keeping it young and healthy.Lotus leaf:Smooth urination, prevent constipation and facilitate fat burn.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Umeya

Category: Slimming & Firming


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