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Orlane Highlight Care Brush 0.07oz, 2.2ml - ORX0100089-000-00 - Bath and Body sku

Orlane Highlight Care Brush 0.07oz, 2.2ml - ORX0100089-000-00 by Orlane

Item description: This Bath and Body Face product is by Orlane - Orlane Highlight Care Brush has the following features: Blends anti-aging formula with rich actives, it brightens, protects and hydrates the skin. Under the lights, throughout the day, the face appears bright and flawless. The texture gives skin a matte finish with a comfortable and moisturizing skin effect, modulating the effect of masking and enhancing the naturalness of the face.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Orlane

Category: Face


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  Orlane Cr+¿me Royale Neck and D+¬collet+¬ 1.7oz, 50ml
Orlane Cr+¿me Royale Neck and D+¬collet+¬ has the following features:Exceptional anti-aging cream for neck and decollete.Provide the most demanding skin with Royal Jelly's secret to longevity and the extraordinary anti-aging prowess of 24-carat-gold.It reduces wrinkles, prevents and improves skin slackening, lightens spots and refines the shape of the chin. The skin around the neck and bust is smooth and firm once again, and regains its youthful appearance. ...See The Price