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Are egg white face masks good for your skin?

Many people use egg white face masks as a way to boost the health of both oily and dry skin. However, there is little to no evidence to support the suggested benefits of these masks. We take a closer look at these alleged benefits and explain how to make an egg white face mask....

How do you stop unwanted hair growth?

Unwanted hair growth on the body or face has a range of causes linked to hormones. Some growth is typical and has no links to conditions that cause hirsutism. Natural treatments include diet changes and weight management. Medical treatments can also help. Learn more about excessive or unwanted hair in women here....

What to know about microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure, during which a dermatologist removes the top layer of skin. The aim is to create a more youthful, even complexion. Learn more here....

How do you treat a droopy eyelid?

Ptosis refers to a droopy eyelid, where the upper eye area lowers downward. Causes include genetics, eye surgery, and excessive rubbing. Treatment can involve surgery, but usually for cosmetic reasons only. Prevention is harder due to genes playing a role. Learn more about this manageable condition here....

What to know about age spots (liver spots)

Age spots, or liver spots, are common and harmless. They do not require treatment, but people can get rid of them with creams and cosmetic procedures. Age spots can resemble certain forms of skin cancer, and anyone concerned about an age spot should speak with a doctor....

What are the best exercises for bat wings?

Strengthening the arms can help improve the muscles and promote fat loss. This can help to improve the shape of the arms and reduce excess and drooping skin that is there. This excess skin is sometimes known as bat wings or bingo wings. Learn more about how to get rid of bat wings....

SKU-LVX0100172-000-00 Lavera Neutral Face Fluid 30ml from Cosme  sku

Lavera Neutral Face Fluid 30ml - LVX0100172-000-00 by Lavera

Item description: This Bath and Body product is by Lavera - Lavera Neutral Face Fluid has the following features: With organic evening primrose and organic sea buckthorn. The soft fluid provides our skin with extensive moisture compensation via essential fatty acids which our skin cannot provide itself. With valuable sea buckthorn and evening primrose, the fluid reduces the skinG«÷s irritation potential and affords protection against influences harmful to the skin.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Lavera



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