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Tanning beds and risky behavior linked -- in men

Even though men use tanning beds at lower rates than women, men who tan tend to do it in riskier ways, according to a new study. The findings should help public health officials rethink how, and to whom, theyre targeting anti-tanning messages....

Do tanning salons comply with state laws restricting access to minors?

Researchers posed as minors to investigate compliance rates in 42 states and the District of Columbia with laws restricting tanning bed use by minors and they report an overall noncompliance rate of 37 percent, according to an article....

Does rhinoplasty change perceptions of attractiveness, success, health?

Participants in a web-based survey who viewed pictures of patients before and after rhinoplasty rated patients after surgery as more attractive, successful and overall healthier, research shows....

One in five young non-Hispanic white women who tan indoors are dependent on indoor tanning

More than 20 percent of non-Hispanic white women ages 18 to 30 who reported using an indoor tanning device one or more times in the past 12 months were dependent on indoor tanning. Dependence was strongly associated with beliefs about physical appearance and depressive symptoms....

New findings explain how UV rays trigger skin cancer

Melanoma, a cancer of skin pigment cells called melanocytes, will strike an estimated 87,110 people in the US in 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A fraction of those melanomas come from pre-existing moles, but the majority of them come from sources unknown -- until now....

Timing of melanoma diagnosis, treatment critical to survival

A new study underscores the importance of early detection and treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The research indicates that the sooner patients were treated, the better their survival, particularly for stage I melanoma....

Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (Hygienic & Herbapeutic) 160g - DPW0100005-000-00 - Personal Care sku

Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (Hygienic & Herbapeutic) 160g - DPW0100005-000-00 by Dentiste' Plus White

Item description: This Personal Care Oral Care product is by Dentiste' Plus White - Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (Hygienic & Herbapeutic) helps inhibit night-time bacteria that causes bad morning breath. It helps whiten and protect while you sleep too. Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (Hygienic & Herbapeutic) contains vitamin C, Xylitol and natural extracts to give you fresh breath.14 natural extracts: natural antiseptics and antibacterials that help prevent oral bacteria, gum disease and bad breath.Xylitol: A natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that odour-producing bacteria cannot feed on, so it helps decrease the growth of oral bacteria.CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex): Helps eliminate bad morning breath by trapping bad smell and prolonging fresh breath.Silica Complex: Micronized silica complex helps get rid of plaque without destroying natural tooth enamel.Stable Vitamin C: an antioxidant that protects cells against damage and heals wounds for healthier gums.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Dentiste' Plus White

Category: Oral Care


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