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COSME DECORTE AQ MW Face Powder 0.7oz, 20g 11 Luminary Ivory - COD0100206-002-00 - Bath and Body sku

COSME DECORTE AQ MW Face Powder 0.7oz, 20g 11 Luminary Ivory - COD0100206-002-00 by COSME DECORTE

Item description: This Bath and Body Face product is by COSME DECORTE - COSME DECORTE AQMW Face Powder has the following features:Made of superior organic silk to give a pearly radiance and flawless look to skin. Added with moisturizing Amino Acids for the powder to cohere better to skin and prevent dryness.... Learn More

Manufacturer: COSME DECORTE

Category: Face


See the Price of COSME DECORTE AQ MW Face Powder 0.7oz, 20g 11 Luminary Ivory

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