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Barbers, hair salons market cosmetic surgery on Instagram

The majority of providers advertising aesthetic surgery services on Instagram are not board certified-plastic surgeons, so patients who respond to the ads are putting themselves at risk, suggests new research. Social media has become the leading destination for consumers -- especially young people -- seeking information about plastic surgery. The ads particularly affect young people, who increasingly want to improve their appearance for social media channels, but often do not understand who is q...

Cosmetic surgery may help patients quit smoking

If youre a smoker considering cosmetic surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely require you to stop smoking for at least two weeks before your procedure. A long-term follow-up study finds that many patients receiving these instructions will quit smoking, or at least smoke less, in the years after cosmetic surgery....

Augmented reality technology may help guide plastic and reconstructive surgery

A plastic surgery research group has developed an augmented reality system that enables them to create 3D simulations of the desired results of facial reconstructive procedures and project them over the patients face during surgery....

Is mental health associated with perception of nasal function?

A study of preoperative patients for rhinoplasty suggests poor mental well-being and low self-esteem were associated with poorer perceptions of nasal function, according to a new study....

Black light helps diagnose common skin problem found in pregnant women

Using a black light, or Woods light, helps dermatologists determine disease extent of melasma, a hyperpigmentation condition that causes brown and gray patches to appear on the face, researchers have found....

Melanin-linked skin conditions: Breakthrough

Spots resulting from too much sun exposure and other effects of dysfunctional melanin production may become a thing of the past. Scientists have solved the structure of one of the three enzymes that generate melanin in humans, opening doors to the design of whitening compounds to remove discolorations of the skin....

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control 6.9oz, 200ml - CLX0100283-000-00 - Personal Care sku

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control 6.9oz, 200ml - CLX0100283-000-00 by Clarins

Item description: This Personal Care Slimming & Firming product is by Clarins - Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control breaks the vicious cellulite cycle with the first slimming treatment that prevents and corrects the appearance of cellulite at every level. It targets cellulite before it starts - visibly smoothing hips, buttocks, and thighs for a slimmer silhouette. The new formulation of Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control is the result of a fundamental discovery in the development of adipose (fatty) tissue and is the first body care product that targets both early and stubborn cellulite. A unique combination of active ingredients, protected by four patent applications, help to reduce cellulite, firm and refine the contours.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Clarins

Category: Slimming & Firming


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