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Tropic opens new UK headquarters: Natural, vegan and cruelty-free

A UK beauty player founded in 2004 - when its founder Susie Ma was just 15 years old - has announced the opening of its new headquarters....

Future of natural cosmetics uncovered: Masterclass approaches

A leading research and consultancy firm for the sustainable and natural market within beauty and personal care is planning its second Masterclass dedicated to the future of natural cosmetics....

Shiseidos supply chain struggle: CEO estimates product shortages led to $450m sales loss

Shiseido president and CEO Masahiko Uotani has revealed the firm lost around 40bn ($363m) to 50bn ($450m) in sales due to product shortages....

Natura is first off the block to sign up for UEBT certification

Natura Brasil has sealed its Ekos line with a brand new certification from the Union of Ethical BioTrade, confirming it has fulfilled tough criteria to respect both people and biodiversity....

Nabila Chemillier, LODATS

In her Indie Beauty Profile, Nabila Chemillier, CEO of LODATS, describes how she and her sisters have built a plant-based brand with all the practicality and luxury of French skin care to share their families beauty regime with todays discerning natural beauty consumers....

Iberchem announces big jump in sales

Spain-based fragrance and flavours players Iberchem says that despite some significant challenges in 2018, the company performed well financially, growing sales at a very strong rate....

SKU-AVC0100011-000-00 Avance Brow Protect N 10ml from Cosme  sku

Avance Brow Protect N 10ml - AVC0100011-000-00 by Avance

Item description: This Makeup Eyes product is by Avance - Avance Brow Protect N has the following features:A waterproof eyebrow coating which protects your eyebrows against water and sweat. It lets your eyebrow makeup stay put all day and moisturize brow at the same time. Chamomile flower extract and silk protein gently protect eyebrows. Non-sticky and fast-drying, this product enables a quick makeup and redo.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Avance

Category: Eyes


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