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People with benign skin condition willing to trade time, money to cure disorder

People with benign hyperpigmentation (the darkening or increase in the natural color of the skin), are willing to pay (WTP) nearly 14 percent of their monthly income and approximately 90 minutes a day to cure their condition....

Researchers develop soft tissue substitute with fewer side effects

A team of plastic surgeons and material scientists has made an important advance in treating the common clinical problem of soft tissue loss....

No increase in complications with 'tummy tuck' in obese patients

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) can be safely performed in obese patients, with no increase in complications compared to non-obese patients, reports a new study....

'Molecular surgery' reshapes living tissue with electricity but no incisions

Traditional surgery to reshape a nose or ear entails cutting, sometimes followed by long recovery times and scars. Now, researchers have developed a molecular surgery process using tiny needles, electric current and 3D molds to quickly reshape living tissue with no incisions, scarring or recovery time. It shows promise as a noninvasive alternative to laser eye surgery....

New device could help minimize scarring in cosmetic surgery

Researchers have developed a new device that could help minimize scarring during surgery. The device can ascertain the orientation of skin tension lines, which is important for wound-healing post-surgery....

Educational outreach, public policy changes needed to reduce health hazards at nail salons

The nail salon industry has seen rapid growth within the last 20 years, becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. For the technicians in those salons, this beauty can come with a cost: an exposure to potentially unsafe chemicals and other health hazards. A study has found that educational outreach and change in public policy are needed to help reduce these hazards for salon employees and owners....

SKU-AMK0100008-000-00 Amika Balancing Shampoo 3.4oz, 100ml from Cosme  sku

Amika Balancing Shampoo 3.4oz, 100ml - AMK0100008-000-00 by Amika

Item description: This Personal Care Haircare product is by Amika - Amika Balancing Shampoo has the following features:Suitable for all hair types and safe for color treated hair.With a creamy formula that mildly cleanses hair while repairing stressed hair. Blended with Argan Nut Oil to replenish, hydrate hair and restore its natural balance.Leaves hair supple, manageable & voluminous.Free of paraben and artificial color.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Amika

Category: Haircare


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