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Schwan Cosmetics joins Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics

SPICE, the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics, has welcomed a new corporate member in Schwan Cosmetics....

Women in packaging event: ĎBetter living through innovation and sustainabilityí

An upcoming conference is dedicated to women working in the packaging industry, looking specifically at how innovation and sustainability can facilitate better living solutions....

Univarís new cosmetics and personal care website goes live

The global specialty chemical and ingredient distributor launched a new site this week, serving the industry overseas‚in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa....

Croda opens marine biotech center in Canada

The specialty chemical maker is looking to the marine environment and biotechnology as a sustainable alternative to conventional personal care ingredient manufacturing. And having acquired Prince Edward Island ‚ based Nautilus Biosciences at the start of the year, Croda worked swiftly to establish the new Center of Innovation in Marine Biotechnology and get to work identifying new functional ingredients....

Whoís leading sustainable beauty? Sustainable Beauty Award winners revealed

The winners of the 2018 Sustainable Beauty Awards were announced at a dedicated reception last week in Paris....

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SKU-ALT0100010-000-00 ASTALIFT ASTALIFT Night Cream 30g from Cosme  sku

ASTALIFT ASTALIFT Night Cream 30g - ALT0100010-000-00 by ASTALIFT

Item description: This Skin Moisturizers product is by ASTALIFT - ASTALIFT ASTALIFT Night Cream has a nourishing formulation that forms a moisturizing film on your face during your sleep. It regenerates cells, deeply moisturizes and restores nutrients to the skin, leaving you with bouncy and radiant skin in the morning after. The Damask Rose and Chamomile fragrance soothes and calms fatigue skin after a long day at work at night.ASTALIFT ASTALIFT Night Cream has five benefits:Super ingredient G«Ű Astaxanthin: a highly efficient antioxidant extracted from marine algae. Up to a 1,000 times more powerful than Co Q-10, it brings a new radiance and firmness to your skinThree kinds of collagen: three different sizes of collagens plump and smooth skin while stimulating elastin production at the same timeNanotechnology: award-winning nanotechnology improves stability and permeability of ingredients for faster absorptionLycopene: a kind of Carotenoid that raises skinG«÷s anti-oxidant capabilityTrehalose: maximizes skinG«÷s regenerating function; deeply moisturizes skin... Learn More

Manufacturer: ASTALIFT

Category: Moisturizers


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