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Facial asymmetry increases with age

Asymmetry between the two sides of the face increases steadily with aging -- a finding with important implications for facial rejuvenation and reconstructive procedures....

A wearable device for regrowing hair

Although some people embrace the saying bald is beautiful, for others, alopecia, or excessive hair loss, can cause stress and anxiety. Some studies have shown that stimulating the skin with lasers can help regrow hair, but the equipment is often large, consumes lots of energy and is difficult to use in daily life. Now, researchers have developed a flexible, wearable photostimulator that speeds up hair growth in mice....

Facial plastic surgeons call for reduction of opioid prescriptions after rhinoplasty

A team of surgeons found that, of 173 patients undergoing rhinoplasty, a common procedure performed in the facial plastic and reconstructive surgery field, only two refilled their opioid prescriptions after the procedure -- with some patients not filling their initial opioid prescription at all....

Maple leaf extract could nip skin wrinkles in the bud

Maple trees are best known for their maple syrup and lovely fall foliage. But it turns out that the beauty of those leaves could be skin-deep -- and thats a good thing. Today, scientists report that an extract from the leaves may prevent wrinkles....

YouTube is source of misinformation on plastic surgery

In the first study to evaluate YouTube videos on facial plastic surgery procedures, researchers found that most are misleading marketing campaigns posted by non-qualified medical professionals....

A new reality for beauty standards: How selfies and filters affect body image

With the spread of photo-editing technology through applications like Snapchat and Facetune, the level of physical perfection previously seen only on celebrity or beauty magazines is now all over social media. As these images become the norm, peoples perceptions of beauty worldwide are changing, which can take a toll on a persons self-esteem and can trigger body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), argue researchers....

SKU-AKU0100001-001-00 Akiku Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil 10ml from Cosme  sku

Akiku Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil 10ml - AKU0100001-001-00 by Akiku

Item description: This Personal Care Massage Oil product is by Akiku - Akiku Aromatherapy Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil has the following features:Aroma: Citrusy, similar to lemon and reminiscent to the aroma of the grapefruit rind, but more concentrated.Functions: Improves cellulitis, oily and dull skin, diuretic, lymphatic system stimulation, water retention, obesity, anxiety and depression.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Akiku

Category: Massage Oil


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